My Platform


No more teachers’ unions that protect substandard teachers. We need to establish system based upon merit and not tenure. If a teacher is poor at his or her job, then need to be removed. Our children are suffering at the hands of low standards with our teachers who do not have to perform since they are protected with tenure.

Expand STEM

Expand foreign language education with proficiency levels – start at 1st grade.


Investments in the military need to continue with regular assessments of the threat to ensure we have a military that fits. No more pork spending on dead projects to satisfy local areas in order to get re-elected.

Congress / Senate

Term limits – Congress to 3 terms of 4 years each. Senate to 2 terms of 6 years each. A congressperson or senator may become president but they may not go beyond 12 years’ total congress/senate.

Pay raises for congress and senate may no longer be voted in by either. Every 4 years the US will include a ballot with pay raise recommendations to be voted on by the people.

Retirement, medical, etc. – No longer will congress and senate vote in their own benefits. They will be forced to use the same types of healthcare options as all citizens of the US.

Fight to reverse Citizens United

All congressional, senatorial, and presidential candidates must author a comprehensive plan for their potential tenure in office with yearly updates. Comprehensive in actual detail and action.

Social issues

Right to gay marriage.

Welfare rules – If on welfare, drug and alcohol testing monthly. Welfare monies may not be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, non-essentials. Non-disabled men and women must work at least 20 hours a week in order to receive benefits.


  • Give hiring preferences to naturalized citizens.
  • Enforce the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
  • Fix border enforcement to address illegal entry and deportation.
  • Remove any and all who have visa overstays.
  • No work permit, no work.
  • Adjust H1B visas based upon economic supply and demand.
  • Establish a program that creates a path to legal status for illegal
  • immigrants.
  • Assimilation program for new immigrants to adopt and adapt to the US.


No more discrimination against small business.

Small businesses pay the same as large businesses for their healthcare.

Move to adjust healthcare options too non-profit.

Require all medical activities performed in hospitals to provide itemized goods and services estimates prior to execution of the medical activities.

Require open publishing of hospital rates for all goods and services.

Provide a patient bill of rights that is clear, concise, and in favor of the patient.

Restrict excessive charges for medicine and services such as exorbitant fees for an aspirin.


No more advertising on TV for drugs.

               Invest former advertising dollars into research and price reductions for


Terrorism / Foreign Policy

Sanctions for any and all countries involved in terrorism.

Federal deficit

Balanced budget requirement for the federal government and each state. No balanced budget leads to a no-confidence vote and elections.

True Wall Street reform

Just as we broke up the telephone monopolies, we require a breakup of the financial monopolies.

Reinstate the Glass-Steagall provisions.

Reduce speculation for artificially driving up costs.

No bonuses if you cannot turn a profit.

Cap credit card interest rates based upon the same rates banks lend each other money at 5% over capped at 14%.

No allowance for taxpayer bailouts.

Global Warming – The Environment

Heavy investment in solar and wind technologies; alternative methods at storing

energy (non-fossil fuel)

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce oil and gasoline consumption moving to alternative methods.


Reinstitute studies on guns, mass shootings, and CDC analysis.

Protect gun ownership.

Enforce the laws on the books.

Determine the next steps to reduce gun related crime.

Remove gun purchase loopholes.



  1. Hey Mr. Breeder I’m concerned about some of the comments about your politics, your life and your true commitment. It’s something we see these days of fast food politics. Where are our flagship leaders? Our best and brightest that have the populous behind them? Where are our global centurions that will lead from the front, take on challenges and keep us all honest?


    1. I heard the same thing and checked out the website. it may not be as bad as people think. I believe both candidates have skeletons in the closet, it’s just a question of how bad they are. so far Audrey’s skeletons seem a little scarier then Ed’s. I’ll have to wait and see how things play out in the next few weeks.


  2. I just saw that Audrey Degray’s non-profits are being investigated again. No wonder she’s all about interest rates and the economy. Great way to line her pockets under the banner of Socialism.

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  3. All you guys don’t know jack squat about Ed!!! He’s tough but fair on crime and firm on immigrants just what we need to get more jobs!!!! I lived in Massachusetts for a couple of years and had to move back home to work in the oil fields after not being able to find a good job they were all taken by illegals!!!! #donttreadoned


  4. As a relocated Russian Immagrant, I support stronger regulations. Not that I belive that restrictions are necessary, but laws are laws and I worked hard to be here. Show should everyone else.
    And Bashing someone without evidence is the same malicious type of work from the last presidential election.
    I came here for a fee country. Ed Breeder stands for that!


  5. As a veteran, I served in the armed forces as well. You don’t spend 18 years serving your country and not have a commitment to your people, family and country!
    I support Ed Breeder. I have seen nothing and I mean nothing that would make me believe otherwise. His opponent hasn’t served anywhere. Literally
    Her supporters, nothing but rhetoric. What i they hiding. That is the question.
    Breeder for Congress! I say Yes! And so will all my associates!

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  6. Good comment Faina, I am a second generation immigrant and my Father and Mother followed all the laws. Why is it that people think that breaking ALL the rules are freedom?
    America has given me all she has. My family is hard working and LEGAL.
    And I support those who served our country, not those who live on it!
    Degrey is a stick puppet.

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  7. Here something I found today in our local paper!
    DeGray’s plan emphasizes extreame background checks, bans on all “assault weapons”. Last Thursday, Congressional candidate. Audrey Degray (D-MA) secretly proposed the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2017” that would ban the sale, transfer, manufacturing and importation of more than 350 types of firearms, including previously legal rifles, pistols and shotguns, this revealed by sources close to the Degray campaign. Degray is known for her anti-gun stance. She has recently tried to win over converter by aligning with 2nd amendment support trying to pursue fence line voters. A/P news

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  8. Has anyone see the bias that Degray and her mob has attempted. Childish at best. No time for the games. Just good honest politics and dedication.
    Proven leader, solid goals and a plan.

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  9. What kind of people support Degray? What have we degraded ourselves to?
    You can see what kind of supporters she has by the immature levels of their post. I’m disgusted. But what else would you expect from someone who stands for nothing.Garbage in, garbage out for Audrey Degray @degray. But I’d rather not step in it.
    I’ll back proven success and leadership,every time. @Don’ttreadonEd!!!

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    1. To all of my wonderful followers, the reports of my demise are premature. While my opponent may be suffering from Dysentery of the mouth and or in this case the fingers, I am not only healthy but in fact feel better than I ever have in the past. While this election draws near, I fear my opponent and her negative agents are working diligently to attempt to uncover areas of inconsistency which can be exploited. While I will not debase myself by giving individual responses to the hurtful and often raunchy posts, I will say this; I have attempted to influence my followers to maintain an above the board presence. Not all followers can be pushed along int he proper direction, and for them I apologize. While it is not my responsibility, it may be construed as my fault.

      May all my followers see the correct path and understand that without competition and the electoral process, we will surely fall into chaos. Keep the faith and follower the truth. #donttreadoned #republicrat


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